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ED3L offers a variety of services from professional advice to technical assistance, including it’s main skill, engineering, and is focussed mainly on the Linux kernel and GNU/Linux operating systems ( Devuan GNU/Linux and other Debian based ones), and also on Web programming with respect to the Web standards. These skills lead to the following activities:
  • Development of drivers for the Linux kernel
  • Custom embeded systems
  • Linux support
  • Specific software development
  • -- System oriented programming languages: C, Assembleur, (C++)
  • Web sites and and web based applications
  • -- Web oriented programming languages: PHP, (X)HTML, Javascript, CSS, ...
Development of drivers for the Linux kernel
Drivers development and BSP implementation is the main part of my activity.
With a rich experience acquiered along my previous jobs, I already have written drivers for many different busses: VME, I²C, PCI, serial (RS232 and RS485), Ethernet and USB.
Most of these were on PowerPC and x86 platforms, and a few on ARM platforms.
Custom embeded systems
BSP implementation often goes in pair with custom embeded system to support all the functionnalities of the underlying processor board. Though the initial filesystem may not fullfill the requierments of every custommer, I have all the requiered knowledges to adapt the system to anybody's needs.
The richness and the complexity of the GNU/Linux systems are synonimous with possibilities and adaptability. Added to my skills in custom software development you can obtain a system fullfilling all your needs and no more.
Linux support
Providing support for custommers should be the concern of every company.
ED3L will now offer support for it's customers whenever it is possible (In addintion to the support and waranties provided with other developments).
This support will be available either by phone, mail, or IRC (other messengers may be supported upon request).
Feel free to ask for more details about our support solutions.
Specific software development
Industries have very specific requierements, and often need specific and suitable tools.
These tools may not allway exist, or may not be suitable enought for one's needs.
When you don't have the requiered developpers for this, you can ask me. I can help you from the design steps to the integration, or just assit you for one step of the development process.
Applications can range from data computing to remote or embeded system control.
These developments can be done independently for an existing embeded system, or added to the implementation of a custom embeded system.
Web sites and and web based applications
From simple to complex Web sites, with CMS integration and custom web apps, ED3L can help you in any step of you process, from consulting about open source solutions to the actual design, or for the development of a new service.
All the projects will be considered using open source solutions, showing you that these can bring much more flexibility, and adapt better to your needs.


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