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Nathaël PAJANI

42 impasse de la Combe du Bois
01150 Blyes - FRANCE

Mobile : +33 (0) 6 19 35 33 91

Mail : nathael.pajani *at* ed3l.fr

Date of birth : 1981/11/16

Software & Electronics Engineer

Software Development --- Electronics --- Project Study --- Consulting

Linux kernel --- Free Software --- Embedded systems

  • Very good knowledges of the GNU/Linux operating system (administration, development and use).
  • Very good knowledges of the Linux Kernel.
  • Solaris & UNIX systems
  • QNX
  • System and kernel (drivers) programming using C language under Linux.
  • Micro-controller (ARM Cortex M*) programming using C and Assembly language.
  • Programming using C language
  • Programming knowledges on Perl, PHP, Python, C++ & Assembly languages
  • Shell scripts (bash)
  • Web programming - Dynamic content and layout - (X)HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Javascript.
Electronics - Embedded
  • Micro-controller and Microprocessor systems specification and design.
  • Electronic board design, layout and prototyping.
  • Microprocessor and Micro-controller architecture knowledges.
  • USB Bus, SPI, I²C, UART, RS485, VME, ...
  • TCP/IP Networks
  • RTOS(uC/OS2 - QNX)
Jobs -- Techno-Innov
2012 - Now
Creation of Techno-Innov and DomoTab development
Linux - Embedded software
  • Linux BSP for the DomoTab.
  • Embedded software for the DTPlug.
  • Embedded software for the modules of the DomoTab project.
  • Specification and participation in the design of the DomoTab platfrom including a TI AM3874 SoC.
  • Specification and design of the DTPlug (NXP LPC1764 micro-controller)
  • Specification and design of the DomoTab modules.
  • Prototyping and tests
  • Creation of the SCOP SARL Techno-Innov.
  • Business development.
  • Communication.
  • Web development.
  • ....
Beginning of the DomoTab project - Home automation control system
  • Domotics systems studies
  • System specification
  • Partnership negotiation
  • Business plan
  • ....
Jobs -- ED3L
2008 - Now
Creation of ED3L -- Software development - Linux and FOSS
Linux -- Embedded
  • Software development and system creation for Nemopsys3D demo platform.
  • Embeded Linux development for Adison (two different projects)
    * Custom Debian GNU/Linux system creation with fast boot time.
    * Specific software developments.
  • Hardware specification and software development (Linux kernel and Debian GNU/Linux system) for a medical project.
  • Development of the Linux BSP for ACTIS Computers's CSBX-3545 board.
    * I²C and NAND Flash Drivers.
    * Custom Driver for the onboard user FPGA, and example programm to illustrate the demo FPGA Firmware from ACTIS.
  • Development for ACTIS Computers on a Com Express board using a PowerPC processor:
    * Creation of a Busybox rootfs, installation of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution.
    * USB Bugfix for HID peripherals support (Keyboard - Mouse)
    * Graphic controller driver development (SMI Lynx3DM)
  • Help in the port of Debian GNU/Linux on the QNAP NAS (TS-109/209 Pro)
  • Remote support using ssh for ECRIN Systems. Creation of a programming script for custom PCI boards created by ECRIN Systems
Web development Training
  • Specific trainings for R&D teams.
  • Courses at ESCPE Lyon (Embedded systems, Embedded Linux, C programming).
  • Speaker for an embedded Linux workshop for Néo-Soft's seminar.
Creation : Administrative
  • Creation of my freelance activity.
  • Consulting in the creation of another freelance activity : Forma3dev.
Creation : Commercial
  • Custommer prospecting
  • Quotations
  • Web site and information infrastructure setup
Jobs -- ECRIN Systems
26 months: Engineer for ECRIN Systems
Linux -- Embedded
  • Linux BSP development for single board computers using PowerPC processors.
  • Drivers development (USB, VME) and software development (C language).
  • Took part in electronic development (mainly debug) of boards made by ECRIN Systems
  • Creation of "restauration" shell scripts for automated installation of the GNU/Linux operating system from both images and sources, using CD/DVD or USB Keys
  • Multiple instalations of the GNU/Linux operating system for specific industrial configurations support
  • Sampling board access library development for QNX
  • Three days of consulting for a danish company on software stack and design of one of their products.
Project management
  • Project design, management, and development from customer specifications.
  • Project management for small scale projects with quality management.
  • Development of software parts for the company intranet for quality management process.
  • Modifications of the free software Bugzilla to create a non-conformities management software for the quality management process. (translation, adaptation of terms, ergonomics, and modification of the life cycle of a bug.)
  • Linux trainer (teaching basic Linux use or BSP use)
6 months: Graduation internship : Development of software tools for TRANGO
  • Development of a board sharing server to share access to a small amount of development boards (connected to the server through serial links) between many software developpers over ethernet (development based on ser2net tool). Added support for Trango's console multiplexing protocol over RS232
    (Still in use as of 2008 June 05)
  • Design and development of the monitoring interface of TRANGO. (protocol, access server, and embeded status information gathering process), in collaboration with the programmer in charge of the monitoring display interface.
12 months: Mid-term internship in Infineon
  • Porting a multi-clients - multi-servers software from Windows to Linux and Solaris.
  • Development of a Linux USB driver (host side) for a custom development board (used as device).
Studies / Qualifications
Engineer studies in Electronics Telecommunications and Computer Science
ESCPE Lyon (Ecole Supérieure de Chimie Physique Electronique).
Specialisation : Computer Science – Distributed computing systems.
Options : Project management.
Scientific "Baccalauréat"
Other Achievments
  • Many web sites, including this one.
  • Online/Offline role playing game interface
  • A wooden table using Cherry wood
  • Bugfix in the Linux Kernel (USB)
  • Some wooden furniture, including the bed for my child, and a coffee table using Oak wood
  • Took part in the Vim french documentation translation.
  • Took part in Bugzilla french translation
Other knowledges and hobbies
  • Highly interrested in Free and Open Source Softwares.
  • Attended twice to the French Robotic Cup (E=M6).
  • Reading, drawing, model making and painting, and role playing games.
  • Woodwork
  • Canoe: federal Instructor - National 2 French championship in Canoe polo.


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