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ED3L is the commercial name of the structure created by Nathael Pajani on January 2008.
The expertise area of ED3L is drivers and open source software development for the Linux Kernel and the GNU/Linux operating systems.
Main points of interest are mostly related to this expertise:
  • Development of drivers for the Linux Kernel
  • Custom installation of embedded systems
  • Dedicated software development
  • System programming in C (/C++) & Assembly
  • Interfaces development
  • WEB programming: PHP, (X)HTML, Javascript, CSS, ...
  • Training sessions
Openness to the free software ecosystem and to operating systems using Linux and the GNU project brings you an unmatchable panel of solutions and possibilities. Be it in term of cost, delivery date, or system security and reliability.
Our agreements may vary from one day for high level consulting, to some weeks for working on an existing project, or up to many months in order to cover the full development of a new system or software.
We can also go on with a "development tickets" system, providing you with an occasional help, for example to create an installation CD/DVD or a script. All the results will be available to you upon the end of the estimated time or task, so you can go further, or perform tests, or finalize the product.
Please contact me if you want more information so I can discover your needs and we can investigate new opportunities.


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